42. You are not soundproof.

You should remain impervious,
to something evil and devious.
But you aren’t that soundproof,
thoughts sting so much you aren’t bulletproof.

They make a mess in your head,
even if the bad ones aren’t even said.
Then I guess this is life, huh.
It won’t be that imagined utopia.

You hear you’re a failure and the weakness,
that’s why you start to believe in yourself less.
Help is something you want to be gifted,
But with your fake smiles everybody’s blinded.

You are screaming, in your heart at least.
Wondering if death comes will you be missed?
Desiring for someone to help you from drowning,
So with the exception of you they aren’t falling.

There’s this tiny voice in you which speak up,
“I hope you see through me.”, is what’s at the top.
Well, you realized, everyone’s aloof,
Around you, everybody’s soundproof.

It’s you, it’s you, I say it’s you.
You need guidance and cheering up too.
Let me tell you a little secret,
This you is me and do not tell them yet.

*inspired by silence
*no photo as my aesthetical inspiration today

H old my hand,
e nd anything bland.
l isten to what the mind tells.
p lease stop the negative bells.


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