44. It isn’t that far away.

You’ve been told to run,
reach for that little sun.
It warms your heart as always,
it’s that hope of yours which stay.

Your dreams seem to blur,
“Give up!” is what they whisper.
So far away, it’s what you think.
Your courage just shrinks.

You cheer up everybody.
But you lose slowly.
You tell others they can do it.
With you, a slump just hit.

You think it’s so far away,
it isn’t so don’t stay.
Get it, get those dreams!
that little sun needs to beam.

*inspired by AgustD’s so far away (feat. Suran)
Track 10. so far away (feat. Suran)
*no photo as aesthetical inspiration for today

I’m scared to make decisions.
I’m afraid of the consequences my decisions will lead me to.
But I need to dream and I need the dreams to happen.
Fighting, everyone!


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