45. In this dream, I had wings.

I fall slowly towards my bed,
there’s water and it’s not tears I’ve shed.
I’m not drowning instead floating,
As I open my eyes, the sky’s shining.

I’m not inside my room,
I don’t feel being in doom.
So slowly rose up,
walking at the water, yes at the top.

I’m at a lake that’s serene,
like my heart has ever been.
I look around and feel the night’s breeze,
it’s cold but soothing like a kiss.

The lake’s surrounded by beauty,
different flowers scattered rather prettily.
As I reached land and stepped on the grass,
I suddenly smiled sincerely at long last.

There’s no drowning,
only walking.
There’s no pain and ache,
like how flowers bloom with beauty they make.

I kneel and finally lie down,
finally, I’m not wearing a frown.
The sky is starless but so calm and clear,
the serenity telling me, “There’s nothing to fear.”

The lake has been in turmoil for years,
it’s been salty as it mixed with my tears.
But I dreamed once and just woke up,
I had wings even as I drown so I swam to the top.

In this dream, I had wings.
There’s nostalgia but also a great feeling.
In this dream, I had wings.
I’m sentimental but I finally let go of the sad things.

*inspired by life (and Bangtan’s short films for Wings!!!)
*no photo as my aesthetical inspiration for today

This is my 45th as I turned 25.
The succeeding posts will strive harder to become of depth and style I have as a writer.
For once, I came positively and I will, always.
I’m working on my poetry project. I’m claiming my dreams now.


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