46. I always ponder about things.

We all do.
We think about so many things too.
We all do.
I firmly believe this is true.

I got a day,
where at home, I stay.
It’s the first time,
so doing nothing felt like a crime.

I worried about things,
like what a minus one may bring.
I slept it all, the worries I mean.
because to overthinking I am pinned.

Yet somehow, it’s fine, it’s okay.
I’ve been there aiding as I overstayed.
Just I ponder about a lot of things,
I hope realizations to all must ring.

There’s a lot of anguish and pains,
but succumbing is where we won’t gain.
If there is hurt, if there is ache,
please assist without being fake.

Somehow, I do ponder about things,
and I do stare at our ceilings.
But there will be movement in change,
so I hope we all do manage.

*inspired by life
*no photo as my aesthetic inspiration for today



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