47. You’re looking at the wrong painting and I’m drowning.

I have nightmares,
and I search for someone who cares.
I wake up sweaty and confused,
suddenly there’s paintings I can’t choose.

The images are familiar,
they all look at me like I’m a liar.
I light up a match and watch them burn,
not listening to the screams and I never learn.

It starts to rain,
the droplets give me pain.
I hear a door opening,
it’s you, no, it’s me in front of a painting.

I fall and drown as I stare,
it’s on a tub for all I care.
I’m falling into the water,
I’m drowning and still it’s you that matters.

I actually got towards the surface,
breathing heavily, my thoughts are all over the place.
Yet the painting is still there,
the sirens seize and it’s not real, I share.

I break the glass and the beeping starts,
I touch the painting and etch the memory in my heart.
It whistles, whatever it is, it whistles,
the painting isn’t real, I’m bristled.

It’s not that, the painting it is not.
Towards the tattoo, it’s the real one there’s not a but.
It’s a bird beginning to fly,
see it’s not the painting so say goodbye.

As you realize it’s fake,
you hear the ringing that your heart’s start to ache.
I’ll come, I’ll answer your call,
but you’re drowning, you just fall, fall, fall.

You end up falling on a bed,
there’s pills you have to take instead.
You become a fool,
yes, finally, realizing you’ve became a tool.

They all suddenly mesh well,
you remember everything and breaks the spell.
It’s the truth I said.
to reality is where I’m led.

*inspired by BTS #WINGS
*no photo as my aesthetic inspiration today (but the playlist is a freaking inspiration)

SHINee is coming back.
Bangtan is coming back.
How to breathe? LOL
A way to distract my separation anxiety and my incoming anxiety. LMAO
As of now, there’s still no video teaser from SHINee, so, this. I love connecting concepts so please take time to watch their teasers (BTS). It’s really great and Demian, is an awesome book. ;;;;;

I’m going towards the future!!!



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