51. You cannot see the sword.

A/N: Not related to that Korean drama, uhh- nope. :P

We’re all used to the smiles and cheers,
even when underneath there’s just all tears.
We shun out the ugly and dirty,
when they’re the ones who need help, really.

Optimism is something we cherish,
even if the good things just perish.
Even if we’re haunted by the past,
with this we know we will last.

We all have different swords,
Pierced or not, they’re tangled in cords.
These are aches and hurts in our life,
we’ve battled everything in a strife.

This is why we must be careful,
and stop becoming a hard-headed fool.
Because physically, we might all look okay,
internally, there’s a sword which stays.

There’s various amounts of pain,
and sometimes on the shirt we wear they stain.
You cannot see the sword, my dear.
But to the one who’s pierced, it’s very very clear.

Let faith become a standard.
That there will be someone even though it’s hard.
To pull out that sword that’s piercing,
who can see it and remove it while falling. ❤

*inspired by *whispers* Goblin, that K-Drama we’re all hooked, I know but please watch Hwarang too, they all look good oh, ah, it’s good I mean. :P
*no photo as my aesthetic inspiration for today


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