54. The confetti pops and it’s lovely.

From the dark, I came out.
With hope, I entered to scout.
Yet I didn’t get a single chance,
That for so long, in despair I danced.

There came a long time of melancholia,
where things became severe with some phobias.
The fear of failing, fear of falling,
everything seemed so dark and annoying.

But I realized I wasn’t alone,
there is someone who hears me bemoan.
The streaks of nothingness became pastel,
to the lovely blue and pink I fell.

I then came to realize I’ve been wallowing so wrongly,
that I never actually see this place is lovely.
The confetti pops and I look up gratefully,
I am never walking alone surely.

*inspired by BTS (and their concept photos asdfghjkl;!!! I am excited, okay?)
*inspired by a photo of Park Jimin (this is too beautiful, okay? SOB;;;)

Park Jimin Concept Photo.jpg


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