56. Spring Days are coming.

The train tracks disappear just like you,
that I felt like I’ve been hit by the train too.
I miss you.
This heart of mine can you please sew?

When I reach the destination,
I still have hesitations.
I climb up the stairs just to find,
this thing we have, if you don’t mind.

A carousel outside whirls,
like how my heart for you just swirls.
I really miss you.
Yet you’re not here and everything’s blue.

I continue to live but everything’s dull.
Peacefully, I can sleep when you lull.
Imagining you alone near the ocean’s shore,
with eyes so sweet and with that smile I adore.

With the pile of struggles, I collapse.
Searching for you to make me stop.
Yet when I see the sun set,
my memories come back to how we’ve met.

There’s meaning in my life with you.
Please remember that I answered I do.
I miss you, I miss you.
You’re not walking alone too.

I hope you know this.

That with you, I’m at peace.
Amidst the darkness,
you’re the light who saves me from this mess.

With you, everything is blooming.

Towards you, I’m really falling.
I miss you,
and I will see you soon too.

If this winter ends,

Spring days will be purposefully sent.
Someday, sometime, we’ll bloom.
I miss you I know you’ll end this gloom.

*inspired by BTS (and their song ‘Spring Day’)
Check their music video for the song:  BTS – Spring Day
*inspired by a photo of Park Jimin (too Sakura ;;;;;;;)jiminnie


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