57. It’s not today.

(I’ll never stop writing for this year since my faves are keeping me inspired.)

I’m going nowhere,
and there’s no one who cares.
No way, there’s no chance,
with cruel thoughts, I’m in a trance.

Into the pit of nothingness I fall,
expecting nobody I still call.
“Calm down.” I say.
Will I survive the next day?

Then there’s warmth,
giving comfort, holding my cold palms.
Forever, this is a promise.
The calmness, this is what I miss.

To being young, we must stay.
Let me in day by day.
I’ll hold your hands and keep them warm,
You’ve always protected me from harm.

We need to survive,
to fulfilment we’ll dive.
Let’s aim toward our dreams,
Fly with love as part of the team.

*inspired by life (I’m stressed but still hyper LOL)
*no photo as my aesthetic inspiration for today


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