60. The fire burns and everything shatters.

If we deal with pain,
I hope it’s not anger we gain.
Because as we get swallowed by anger,
our hearts move farther.

The ashes clump together,
and I felt like this was better.
But this is just like how the pains stay,
and pride is what remains to be given away.

The fire burns and everything shatters,
in your eyes there’s nothing else that matters.
If we try to get even in any way we can,
we succumb to our anger, then?

From all the aches,
lessons are what we must take.
Even if exhaustion hits,
we don’t cause trouble, not one bit.

This is because even if everything shatters,
we must hope for the better.
And even if the fire burns,
in humility we must learn.


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