61. Even if the sun shines, it burns.

The warmth the sun radiates gives strength,
the rays giving light at a certain length.
Yet it burns, oh, yes it burns.
Hiding the scars even as the world turns.

The sun appears during the day,
yet somehow somewhere at night it stays.
So even if the moon illuminates the sky,
it feels like sun continues to burn with a cry.

It’s heat is beyond the natural,
but there may come a time it will dull.
Because it may become exhausted,
the dark days has started.

So yes the sun shines brightly,
but it burns, melting secretly.
The painful thing about this,
no one notice something amiss.

Please somehow check the sun,
before it feels its purpose is done.
It’s bright and casts light,
until you notice too late and it’s out of sight.



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