65. It’s okay. You’re okay.


You often think about the next day,
and with your thoughts you hope and pray.
As you stay in bed for a few hours more,
even if you’re awake you don’t want to go out the door.

Your worries are eating you alive,
but still you like it and in overthinking you thrive.
And with an unwilling heart,
you prepare for your day to start.

You travel to your appointments,
feeling like you’re such a disappointment.
But the world doesn’t allow you to brood,
you try to look okay and smile to lighten the mood.

You crave for authenticity,
and a life blasting simplicity.
Oftentimes you ask your love ones their worries,
but since you look unfazed no one’s hearing your pleas.

But it will be fine you see,
there will come a time you’ll be free.
It’s okay. You’re okay.
There’s always another day, I say.


151018 Spirited Away


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