Of life and love, of reality and fantasy
–a collection

Of life and love, of reality and fantasy is a personal (and random btw) blog. This is a venue for both my thoughts and feelings about self, people, and the world.
I mostly write poetry (and sometimes other forms). I feel a sense of completeness before, during, and after writing a poem as if I am walking through a path of knowing self, people, and the world. Ultimately, I always feel complete in writing.

I am Lizzie and currently, I am training to lead an area which checks the activities of hearts somewhere in The Philippines.
I’m a SHINee fan especially for SHINee’s leader Onew.
I’m a Bangtan fan particularly for Bangtan’s mochi Park Jimin.



  1. Hey! I really like your work. We are putting together a book stories,poetry and art from bands and individuals. I think that your poetry may fit in well. Check out my “Book Submissions” post to learn more about the project and to see if you’d be interested.

    Keep making great stuff!

    • Wow, thank you so much for liking and reading my entries particularly my poems. It’s a great feeling for my thoughts and emotions to transcend through poetry and writings as a whole. I’ve read your post and I really am interested in your project. I’ll be clearing my thoughts for a while and in the coming days, let’s see if I can send you the most related literary piece I’ll write in the coming days. Thank you so much and more power!

      • Awesome! Yeah that would be great if you could write and submit a piece. Thank you for considering it!

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