74. You can’t sleep that well.

They linger somewhere,
somewhere hidden so there’s no one who cares.
You try to fight back against them,
but you end up looking like a mayhem.

It should’ve been a blooming garden,
yet it’s just dirt like all it has ever been.
You still try and water the remaining,
“Failure” is what you’ve been hearing.

You can’t sleep that well, I know.
I’m afraid to the dark you’ll go.
At least, the sunset reminds you of life.
Then that’s then you fight back against the strife.


I try to fight back.


Untitled #1

You close your eyes and sense the world around you.
Moving so fast, people doing what they have to do.
And in the end the question, what is left?
When every earthly possession has been ‘to be bereft’?

In the end it still is Him.
Or any of that sort, just no possessions on a whim.
You do realize that these are all temporary.
So what will you do, waste your life or live it fully?

I know it’s absurd to think of these things.
But it is more stupid when you see all those killings.
Why can’t we live happily ever after?
When all of us will then turn to nothing but cadaver.

Of these ideas, do not be afraid.
Because in the end, these will all be made.
We have to face the truth and brave the coming storms.
In peace and love, with wisdom and truth, we must all perform.

A/N: Guess what? I did not write this at work. I wrote this BEFORE I get to start my shift. LOL. I think it was last Feb. 16 that I wrote this and in my work’s chapel. I sometimes write on an impulse so I grabbed my pen and got some scratch papers at work, sat inside the chapel, stared into the nothingness and TA-DAH.. Haha! I really think my writer’s block goes away when I’m pre-occupied with something else. XD Thank you!