45. In this dream, I had wings.

IĀ fall slowly towards my bed, there’s water and it’s not tears I’ve shed. I’m not drowning instead floating, As I open my eyes, the sky’s shining. I’m not inside my room, I don’t feel being in doom. So slowly rose up, walking at the water, yes at the top. I’m at a lake that’s serene, […]

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36. It’s a ticket from faith.

Many times you give up, with stress you just want to stop. But if you think with the negatives, there’s no entrance for the positives. You think about your prayers, and ask for some definite answers. These aren’t given on a haste, and not a matter of copy and paste. The year after is now […]

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31. It’s the last wish.

The high notes hit off, and we still hear some scoff. Even with a longer run, there’s still hate that’s done. As you walk on a pedestal, and you come back and still fall. Your curiosity whispers, you wait a little longer. There’s patience wearing thin, my anger’s not seen. But I can’t see your […]

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