68. Yes, sometimes it stings.

I don’t even know why, but there are times I want to cry. Maybe because the world wants me to be directed, to a place they all (except me) wanted. Ever since the younger days, to the standard I don’t usually stay. I get to like things others do not, until I grew older and […]

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58. Now, I’m awake.

I close my eyes, and I hear the goodbyes. Yet I still fall asleep, there’s no use for this to be kept. Timelines we’ve breached, as to your hands I reach. The yearning is stronger, even so I fall harder. Memories I forget as I wake up, I search for someone to make it stop. […]

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56. Spring Days are coming.

The train tracks disappear just like you, that I felt like I’ve been hit by the train too. I miss you. This heart of mine can you please sew? When I reach the destination, I still have hesitations. I climb up the stairs just to find, this thing we have, if you don’t mind. A […]

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51. You cannot see the sword.

A/N: Not related to that Korean drama, uhh- nope. :P We’re all used to the smiles and cheers, even when underneath there’s just all tears. We shun out the ugly and dirty, when they’re the ones who need help, really. Optimism is something we cherish, even if the good things just perish. Even if we’re […]

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