70. We leave those metaphors.

I used to write about the stars, and people forget about the scars. Because with dreams we feel secure, and escaping seemed like the cure. I was speaking about the sun, to hide the truth of the waning fun. I think the past was about hiding, hiding the pains which until now sting. When everybody […]

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13. Life tastes like mint.

It’s a lost case, this is what I face. I’m lost and can’t find a way, so in the forest I freeze and stay. I’m really tired, the trees I just admired. They’re all so tall and strong, not like me feeling small and so wrong. I stand for a long time and stare, towards […]

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11. Just continue.

Stretching out my arms sideward, the feeling of liberty just comes forward. Closing my eyes to imagine, I smile as I dream dreams needed to begin. The air is calm and inviting, like the passion I have it clings. I then look around and appreciate, I am at the peak of a mountain realizing so […]

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