70. We leave those metaphors.

I used to write about the stars,
and people forget about the scars.
Because with dreams we feel secure,
and escaping seemed like the cure.

I was speaking about the sun,
to hide the truth of the waning fun.
I think the past was about hiding,
hiding the pains which until now sting.

When everybody sees you as okay,
I think that’s when they decide not to stay.
I felt that strength comes from within,
yet this is the loneliest I’ve ever been.

But now, I leave those metaphors.
and I drop the pretense, of course.
Yes, I was and I am not okay.
but I will fight and in this course of life, I’ll stay.

Things will fall into place eventually, one step at a time.


69. The colors fade and darkness consume it all.

Right and left, everything’s bad.
what’s with the news? again, something sad.
What do we gain from all these hate?
can we still unite or it’s too late?

The sparkling lights disappear,
even the rainbows become unclear.
Yes, the sun still rise from the east,
but the darkness still consumes like a beast.

Details of war are splayed upon us,
each of us has an opinion to pass.
Yet the most essential thing is what we forget.
where we need to become advocates for peace to be set.

Blaming isn’t the best solution,
it’s not even from assuming through race or religion.
The terror brought by any act of destruction,
this is where everybody must focus with determination.

The colors with fun can’t be seen at all,
but in darkness we must listen to the call.
We must not give up and protect the peace of everyone,
until the pains and the reasons of these will be gone.

World Peace

65. It’s okay. You’re okay.


You often think about the next day,
and with your thoughts you hope and pray.
As you stay in bed for a few hours more,
even if you’re awake you don’t want to go out the door.

Your worries are eating you alive,
but still you like it and in overthinking you thrive.
And with an unwilling heart,
you prepare for your day to start.

You travel to your appointments,
feeling like you’re such a disappointment.
But the world doesn’t allow you to brood,
you try to look okay and smile to lighten the mood.

You crave for authenticity,
and a life blasting simplicity.
Oftentimes you ask your love ones their worries,
but since you look unfazed no one’s hearing your pleas.

But it will be fine you see,
there will come a time you’ll be free.
It’s okay. You’re okay.
There’s always another day, I say.


151018 Spirited Away

64. The flowers are blooming.

As you walk on your own path,
you think it will be just that.
But it isn’t ‘just that’,
here, you need to give your best shot.

It’s in the middle of blooming fields,
your road which doesn’t have a shield.
It will get rough,
and the journey will be tough.

But you got this,
so trudge on your own pace, please.
Don’t mind the flowers blooming,
you are the best flower on this road your taking.


63. The eagle cries as it hovers on a vast land.

You’re drowning,
dark thoughts looming.
Yet what others view,
is you on a luxurious canoe.

This is what the world has as its routine.
We all look great but our souls are in line with the guillotine.
Because this world demands as to great,
and being weak, lost, and dense are what we hate.

You daydream and wish to escape,
to personal goals you are taped.
Exhausted with the same freaking routine every day,
telling yourself, “Damn, this is not okay.”

Because the world escalated the goals on a pedestal,
which surrounds to anything physical, corporal.
Upgrades and travels, these are what we aim for,
destructing the lucidness of our core.

You realize that when you aim like this there will be no end.
To materialism you will really bend.
You gradually wean yourself from the weight of physical obscurity,
and strive to influence and inspire humanity.

This is where we become the eagles which cry,
and for the real identity of freedom we try.
The beginning of charity ends truthfully today,
and to peace and love as our goals, we stay.

*inspired by events of reality