74. You can’t sleep that well.

They linger somewhere, somewhere hidden so there’s no one who cares. You try to fight back against them, but you end up looking like a mayhem. It should’ve been a blooming garden, yet it’s just dirt like all it has ever been. You still try and water the remaining, “Failure” is what you’ve been hearing. […]

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73. This doesn’t matter.

The decision is imminent, living fully must be prominent. So here’s to throwing the unnecessary, even if it’s something to do so as not easy. To this, there’s the farewell, those who care will tell. The focus will be with reality, with the inspiration coming from the fantasies. Here is the dedication, unimportant details to […]

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70. We leave those metaphors.

I used to write about the stars, and people forget about the scars. Because with dreams we feel secure, and escaping seemed like the cure. I was speaking about the sun, to hide the truth of the waning fun. I think the past was about hiding, hiding the pains which until now sting. When everybody […]

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