69. The colors fade and darkness consume it all.

Right and left, everything’s bad.
what’s with the news? again, something sad.
What do we gain from all these hate?
can we still unite or it’s too late?

The sparkling lights disappear,
even the rainbows become unclear.
Yes, the sun still rise from the east,
but the darkness still consumes like a beast.

Details of war are splayed upon us,
each of us has an opinion to pass.
Yet the most essential thing is what we forget.
where we need to become advocates for peace to be set.

Blaming isn’t the best solution,
it’s not even from assuming through race or religion.
The terror brought by any act of destruction,
this is where everybody must focus with determination.

The colors with fun can’t be seen at all,
but in darkness we must listen to the call.
We must not give up and protect the peace of everyone,
until the pains and the reasons of these will be gone.

World Peace


63. The eagle cries as it hovers on a vast land.

You’re drowning,
dark thoughts looming.
Yet what others view,
is you on a luxurious canoe.

This is what the world has as its routine.
We all look great but our souls are in line with the guillotine.
Because this world demands as to great,
and being weak, lost, and dense are what we hate.

You daydream and wish to escape,
to personal goals you are taped.
Exhausted with the same freaking routine every day,
telling yourself, “Damn, this is not okay.”

Because the world escalated the goals on a pedestal,
which surrounds to anything physical, corporal.
Upgrades and travels, these are what we aim for,
destructing the lucidness of our core.

You realize that when you aim like this there will be no end.
To materialism you will really bend.
You gradually wean yourself from the weight of physical obscurity,
and strive to influence and inspire humanity.

This is where we become the eagles which cry,
and for the real identity of freedom we try.
The beginning of charity ends truthfully today,
and to peace and love as our goals, we stay.

*inspired by events of reality


62. The truth oozes as the shell cracks.

It isn’t wrong to be strong.
In trials, we try to hold on for so long.
We’re taught to display what is good and happy,
women can’t always lead and men can’t be sappy.

The world is revolving in new media,
and the number likes and loves are the new quota.
I fell into this endless swirl of superficiality,
that I forgot to focus on the needs of humanity.

There are screams of injustice and oppression,
then there’s no aid for people falling to depression.
We dedicate ourselves in battling opinions,
and ignored the call for a peaceful union.

The past months were hectic,
personally, deadlines were tragic.
Along my way, I lost the true light.
The goal for humanity lost in sight.

I was wondering what I wanted to buy,
when suddenly I realized I heard a cry.
It is collective cry of despair,
for I have been, to this world, become unfair.

The shell cracks and the ugliness appear,
the ‘fake-ness’ of this world becoming clear.
We must stand up and fight the shallow reception,
and strive to become peaceful nations.

*inspired by Easter (a blessed one, y’all)
*a gudetama for a title-pun


40. The little stars shine the brightest.

Little star, little star
you seem to be glowing from afar.
Bright light, shine bright
you are a beautiful sight.

Your eyes continuously crinkle
and my heart, like a star, seem to twinkle.
You smile so blindingly light,
In my pocket, I want to keep you tight.

The light you emit is so strong,
the poems I write for you are so long.
My sky seems to become full of you,
I care for you so much too.

Little star, you shine the brightest.
Towards you is my conquest.
Let your glow track my way,
So with the same sky, we’ll stay.

*inspired by the mochi and the bunny (Kpop reference LOL)
*no photo as my aesthetical inspiration today

I’m into writing like this lately.
My ongoing drafts of poetry are full of dreams and love. ;; It’s pretty in my opinion.
But I still have a long, long way to go. And it takes patience and perseverance!

I’m going to strive hard!

37. I’m sorry, my butterfly.

Do not forget.
Give peace and do not fret.
You and I both still lack.
Even in your heart, I can’t hack.

It is not okay.
Yet I wish you always stay.
Hold my hands tightly.
It’s just, “I’m sorry.”

To my heart, I want you to knock.
Even then, I wish you back.
Let’s turn back the time.
This thing we have, don’t grime.

As you hold my hand,
the gesture removes anything bland.
And as you touch my cold cheeks,
I suddenly found what I seek.

It’s you, my butterfly.
There is no goodbye.
This time I cry.
I will meet you when it is my turn to fly.


© Beast’s Butterfly

I’m sorry, my butterfly.

In life, in any essence, we feel like failures.
Let’s create more beautiful memories than destroying the moments.
In time, there’ll be peace. In time, there’ll be this little bliss we’ve always longed for.
To the butterflies of our lives, fly. To the butterflies of our lives, be free.