70. We leave those metaphors.

I used to write about the stars,
and people forget about the scars.
Because with dreams we feel secure,
and escaping seemed like the cure.

I was speaking about the sun,
to hide the truth of the waning fun.
I think the past was about hiding,
hiding the pains which until now sting.

When everybody sees you as okay,
I think that’s when they decide not to stay.
I felt that strength comes from within,
yet this is the loneliest I’ve ever been.

But now, I leave those metaphors.
and I drop the pretense, of course.
Yes, I was and I am not okay.
but I will fight and in this course of life, I’ll stay.

Things will fall into place eventually, one step at a time.



59. The flowers bloom slowly.

Everything seemed to be waning,
and I feel like I’m failing.
There’s always a thought of going back,
but that’s not the properly life hack.

The fields were rich and growing,
even if each day was tiring.
Yet I chose to travel away,
because the toiling was so hard for me to stay.

Until such time where flowers grew,
and I felt like I stopped being blue.
The flowers bloom slowly,
I must live fully and freely.