71. The fire burning says farewell.

The dream was to reach the stars,
and ignore the mighty scars.
The goal was to touch the sky,
and somehow be able to fly.

Storms passed and drought started,
revealing certain things which kept you stranded.
Until you see the fire waning,
saying goodbye to all that’s brewing.

But this isn’t exactly the end,
because the goodbyes will start to mend.
Restoration of purpose and life itself,
and to the vital ones you’ll delve.

So the fire burning says farewell,
but you won’t enclose yourself in a shell.
The idea is not to show your progress,
not regretting more or less.

This is the best realization I’ve ever encountered.
Goodbye to the unimportant ones.


58. Now, I’m awake.

I close my eyes,
and I hear the goodbyes.
Yet I still fall asleep,
there’s no use for this to be kept.

Timelines we’ve breached,
as to your hands I reach.
The yearning is stronger,
even so I fall harder.

Memories I forget as I wake up,
I search for someone to make it stop.
You reach out to my cold hands,
and write something for our secret bond.

I rise up,
and I climb the mountain top.
Now, I am awake,
for you, this love, it’s what I take.

*inspired by Kimi no Na Wa (yes, yes I’m late) [even so the scenes from the movie were so familiar ;;;;; where did I watch it?]
*no photo for this one (please listen to Bump of Chicken & Radwimps)