71. The fire burning says farewell.

The dream was to reach the stars,
and ignore the mighty scars.
The goal was to touch the sky,
and somehow be able to fly.

Storms passed and drought started,
revealing certain things which kept you stranded.
Until you see the fire waning,
saying goodbye to all that’s brewing.

But this isn’t exactly the end,
because the goodbyes will start to mend.
Restoration of purpose and life itself,
and to the vital ones you’ll delve.

So the fire burning says farewell,
but you won’t enclose yourself in a shell.
The idea is not to show your progress,
not regretting more or less.

This is the best realization I’ve ever encountered.
Goodbye to the unimportant ones.

68. Yes, sometimes it stings.

I don’t even know why,
but there are times I want to cry.
Maybe because the world wants me to be directed,
to a place they all (except me) wanted.

Ever since the younger days,
to the standard I don’t usually stay.
I get to like things others do not,
until I grew older and felt I did not make the cut.

Now I’ve become more precise with my interests,
and my strength in pursuing is always put to the test.
“Are you foolish?” is what others ask me,
until in my head I ask, “Yea, what’s wrong with me really?”

I get that these type of inquiries are from curiosity,
but my mind stirs and re-creates a reality.
A realm where what I like isn’t right,
so showing my interests is what I fight.

Sometimes these inquiries transform to statements.
also I become a talk of entertainment.
I’m asked what do I get from what they call absurdity,
and to be honest I, myself, can’t answer them directly.

And rarely do these times hurt,
rarely, yes, yet yes I get tear stains on my shirt.
Because even if this is a petty thing,
there are times where my heart starts cracking.

But there is no blame, hurt, nor fury,
because I do understand this is from pure curiosity.
Maybe because I became a little bit defensive,
since the world I have has weirdness to give.

So this is a thing I would like to say,
in what you love, you have to stay.
Yes, sometimes it stings.
but following and doing what you love has fulfillment to bring.


*I’m into Asian culture way back my grade school days and it’s hard to resist in pursuing what I like. This realm I am in makes me write poems and stories, gives me strength to perform, lets me become inspired and work industriously in my line of work, and everything else.

*I won’t give up the fandom (and the rest of my interests) that I’m in.
*Cheers to more fandom years!

66. If you’re not understood, still be good.

I’m walking on a path of diversity,
where I like things differently.
And most of the time, it’s confusing,
so some say things a bit hurting.

But it’s fine, and it always be,
since the impact of the habits, others can’t see.
Though there are times when it hits,
when the words sting and it’s pain I meet.

The words also eat me alive,
and nothingness is where I thrive.
Yet physically, everything’s good.
Even if with the aches I happily stood.

There are times where I’m asked to act differently,
and I get anxious because this is me, actually?
Then suddenly I realized they wanted me to act mature,
and yet I am? Youthfulness has no cure.

Maybe you see me as playful,
but in reality I am no fool.
The amount of childlike things I have is huge,
But I strive for wisdom and perseverance in a deluge.

So even if I am different, it’s okay.
With these interests I have, I’ll stay.
Age isn’t a hindrance to explore,
I’m looking forward to what this life stores.

It begins today.


65. It’s okay. You’re okay.


You often think about the next day,
and with your thoughts you hope and pray.
As you stay in bed for a few hours more,
even if you’re awake you don’t want to go out the door.

Your worries are eating you alive,
but still you like it and in overthinking you thrive.
And with an unwilling heart,
you prepare for your day to start.

You travel to your appointments,
feeling like you’re such a disappointment.
But the world doesn’t allow you to brood,
you try to look okay and smile to lighten the mood.

You crave for authenticity,
and a life blasting simplicity.
Oftentimes you ask your love ones their worries,
but since you look unfazed no one’s hearing your pleas.

But it will be fine you see,
there will come a time you’ll be free.
It’s okay. You’re okay.
There’s always another day, I say.


151018 Spirited Away

61. Even if the sun shines, it burns.

The warmth the sun radiates gives strength,
the rays giving light at a certain length.
Yet it burns, oh, yes it burns.
Hiding the scars even as the world turns.

The sun appears during the day,
yet somehow somewhere at night it stays.
So even if the moon illuminates the sky,
it feels like sun continues to burn with a cry.

It’s heat is beyond the natural,
but there may come a time it will dull.
Because it may become exhausted,
the dark days has started.

So yes the sun shines brightly,
but it burns, melting secretly.
The painful thing about this,
no one notice something amiss.

Please somehow check the sun,
before it feels its purpose is done.
It’s bright and casts light,
until you notice too late and it’s out of sight.